Welcome to The Thrifty Stargazer,

where you will find vegan recipes that are often gluten free too! Ideas and recipes for beauty products and such. You’ll also find some crafty things whenever the urge to create something none-food related occurs.


A little bit about the author-

She loves to devise fun (and often delicious) things, and see her creations come to life. A nerd at heart, she loves learning new things, and you can often find her on Pinterest trying to find inspiration for her next project (when she’s not sidetracked by cute cat pictures, that is 😉 ). She’s not naturally a crafty person, but she’s constantly trying to get better.

She’s a total foodie, and has loved working in the kitchen ever since she can remember, that inspiration only grew when she went vegan a year ago (she’d been a vegetarian about 4 years prior), not wanting to give up any of the delicious dairy filled food she’d enjoyed before, she began learning how to make those foods differently, and is constantly driven  to find new (and kinder) ways to make those traditional foods.

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